Hi, it's Hirokawa!

Every day

This timing when there is a difference between the maximum temperature and the minimum temperature

I couldn't decide what clothes to wear.

It's tough! Or, it's troublesome! That

I often hear voices,

Why don't you change your mindset???

It can only be done at this critical juncture

Crisp in a long cotton coat

Insert a yellow or pink cotton knit,

For tailored jackets

Shorts, leather shoes, etc.

It can only be done now, because now

Styling full of seasonal feeling

It is possible to assemble comfortably and stress-free.

Don't miss this timing ...

In addition to styling,

What I want you to wear lightly is


The silk fibers themselves are

It's just vulnerable to tearing.

(It is also vulnerable to water...)

Even if you wear it a lot, it doesn't matter that much.


Because silk has excellent moisture absorption, moisture release, and breathability.

Comfortable compared to other materials.


The majority of silk fibers are

It is organized by many amino acids,

This amino acid is

Due to its proximity in composition to human skin

Pleasant to the touch! It seems that humans feel it~

It's not just about glitter,

It also has a functional aspect.

Also in the kimono, which is also the national costume of Japan

Silk has been used for a long time.

I'm convinced...


It is an item made of silk material that has been popular for a long time,

Amanojak. is also developing rave reviews! !!

Hirokawa's recommendation without permission 5 selection!!

Let's get started!!


Zip Up Galaxy Silk Shirt

¥53,800-(in tax)


A shirt that tastes good twice in one grain.

Shirt or jacket

Capable of shaking

The so-called shirt jacket.

At the front desk,

In the 2 style of buttons and zip

By Styling

It is possible to change the way it is used.

Stand-up collars, cut-off designs, etc.

While there is an omission,

Prints with a vivid color palette shine.

It's important to add a sense of sharpness to your play.

The true essence of MASU is exceptionally good.

With its presence as the main top,

It also plays a solid role as an accent as an innerwear.

Taking advantage of its high versatility as an item,

A silk shirt that you want to enjoy to the fullest.


Silk Blouson

¥85,800-(in tax)


Speaking of synonymous with TAAKK,

It boasts a high level of recognition that always rises.

Silk series.

I had a shirt and pants.

New this season

Blouson also releases silk items.

What we haven't developed until now

Strangely enough, even on the runway

Its presence was something to shine through!

A staple of outerwear,

Based on the Bomber Jacket

Eliminate unnecessary details such as cigar pockets.

Graphics that change with the seasons

To get the most out of it.

Vivid color palette

It is not easy to print on silk,

Requires a high level of skill

Rather, it is the realm of craftsmanship.

Do it effortlessly,

The depth of his heart that continues to bewitch.

Wearing art.

It makes me feel so excited

Such a silk blouson.


Gradient Silk Shirt

63,800-(in tax)


Insanely beautifully dyed

Gradient shirt.

In conclusion,

Since the product is dyed, it can be cared for at home.

Effortless silk shirt.

Silk on 100% fabric

Reactive dyeing and dye dyeing are applied,

It's not so much a glittering feeling as it is

Somewhat relaxed and mature style.

Don't be too casual

While applying a gradient

Separate the colors well

In bicolor.

For standard silhouettes

Don't be too masculine

The collar is lace,

The buttons are made into specific wings.

Add a feminine element.

Tuck in, tuck out

The expression of the item also changes drastically.


You can enjoy the styling.


How do you style your work?


-special item- DOROZOME silk jacket

71,500-(in tax)


Brands debuting this season,


Just not at all.

It's hard to believe that it was a brand that debuted this season

An imposing and complete lineup.

Among them

This silk mud dyed textile is

Stood out.

How much it stood out was:

This material is used for the jacket that we are developing this time.

Change at the exhibition venue

So much so that I will order it. 。 。

Actually, this jacket,

Originally, it was a little stiff like denim.

It was a lineup only for materials,

This fabric is so good that I had the fabric changed! smile

It's a joke, but it's true.

What's good is that:

By mud dyeing,

It becomes resistant to water and tearing, which is also the weakness of silk,

To put it simply,

Even if you handle it roughly OK.

In addition

Mud dyeing makes it difficult for insect bites to occur.

It's about killing three birds with one stone.

The crisp and slightly hardness of the dough is

Every time you use it

gradually softens,

An image that fits into the body.

I can't believe that silk ages

I had never imagined it either.


It seems to be from a garçon pattern maker

Unique silhouette formation

The technique of bringing it to neutral is as good as it gets.

needless to say

With the silhouette of this jacket,

Textiles are also a great match.

Motif MFG


Relaxed Zoot Jacket

104,500-(in tax)


【Motif MFG】


Oblique Trousers

66,000-(in tax)



6 We will not accept the fact that it has been selected! smile

Since it's a setup,

5 Selection!

Motiv MFG will also be available in the 2 season

New brand.

In Japan, it has been developing since last season,

The brand itself is

Started in 2016 in Beijing, China.

Item design, silhouette, etc.

The awesomeness of the construction is for another time

Let me tell you,


This silk is also interesting.

Tusser silk.

Also in China

Silk was actively produced,

Due to the circumstances of adults, its production has drastically decreased.

As a result, it is difficult to find it on the market.

Among them, in China

The last remaining factory

Brands discover,

It became possible to produce

In fact, it is a very rare textile.

Unusual for Tusser silk

High quality, dense and regularly woven,

It is characterized by its luster and fluttering drape.

By Nep who appears here and there

The gritty and rugged texture is

You can't even tell if it's not silk anymore.


Every time the light hits it, it gleams and

The gentle touch is silk itself.

Relaxed silhouette

。 。