MARNI × Flaminia Veronesi

MARNI 23ss pre collection
It's almost time to come out!

It seems to be Marni this term as well
Relaxation and playful energy
With an overflowing collection,

It seems to be the main role of light clothing in spring and summer
The lineup is gathering!

Among them, the most notable works of this season are
[012751 012752]
Flaminia Veronesi(Flaminia Veronesi)
It's a collaboration product with !

Based in London
Engaged in art, product design, etc.
Veronesi weird and fascinating
With a unique touch style,

Marni Designer,
Francesco Lisso's
Hippie style that he is good at
I think it's a perfect match 🔥

"Somewhat creepy and disgusting"

"But it's kind of cute to go full circle"

Such an addictive creature
Drawn on each item
Graphic series.

I have the impression that there are many demonic characters

"Demon like a little devil"So lol

I can't help but resonate a little
There are some things that I can't do.

This kind of artist collaboration is
It's also good that there aren't any big announcements.

It only reaches those who are following Marni.

Such a collaboration is
I'm also very intrigued.

Not commercial,
Lovesick and in love.

Respect each other,
Create better things.

Collaboration required.

is not a store,
in the online store
I hope you enjoy this marriage.

(Staff : Koyama)