[ATHA (Ata)]
Debuted on 2018AW
Up and coming ATHA (Ata).
"Clothes that are not bound by age/gender differences"
On the brand concept,
Ageless, genderless
With one size only deployment
Make unisex items in Urban
It is a domestic brand.

The designer,
Of some popular brands in Japan
Hideki Saito, who was responsible for the design.

Study in architecture
The pattern that Saito works on,
Very original,

2D (two-dimensional) based on the design
It is a planar pattern,

With our body entering, which is three-dimensional
If a man is a man,
If a woman is feminine.

If the calculated silhouette is
It continues to attract young and even adults.
Although the season theme is not specifically provided,
Every time the collection is
It embodies the clothes that designers want to wear now,
To match
To choose the textile to use
Spending a lot of time.

From the design side and from the material
It has become a brand that can feel particular attention.

I want to go through my sleeves and stand out,
Somewhere hard and present
The lineup is the only one.

In Amanojak.
In addition to the iconic items of the brand,
I felt an outstanding balance.
We lineup around the items.

-ATHA items are
It is available at [Sendagi store]-

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