[LEMAIRE (Lemerre)]

French designer in 1991,
Launched by Christophe Lemaire
Designer brand in Paris.

The designer is
Between 2010 and 2015,
-Jean Paul Gaultier-as the successor to
Serving as artistic director,

In Maison Hermes
I'll build a whole era.

Clean and simple design on the base axis,
"Clothes that can be worn for a long time"
In the concept of
The Creation of Lemaire is

For daily wear
While rooting,
-Hermes-cultivated in
Extreme elegance,
It feels solid.

In Amanojak.
In Men's, Unisex
Do the buying,
The elegance of the French,
Delicate and refined
I can only give it to Lemerre.
I valued beauty.
We do select.

Described as the ultimate in everyday wear,
-Minimalistic design with elegance
Please enjoy it.
The archive blog of this brand is
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-LEMAIRE items are
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