polyploid ポリプロイド 23ss

As a unisex brand from Germany,
Designer brand founded in 2017,

The brand name "POLYPLOID" is
In chemical terms, it means "polyploidy",

"There are no facts. There is an interpretation. 」
Based on the concept of ,

The pattern on which the style is based
For a single fixed item
Three types of "A", "B", and "C"
It will be developed in different materials and colors,

Spread to the product
Brings depth,
It is a brand that is experimenting with an experimental approach.

style is based on
Trad, military, work, etc.
authentic style
is the design source,

A, B, and C each have the same style
By changing the fabric,
It creates a different atmosphere.

In "A"
because it represents the base of the style
Like "toile" used in making clothes
Only white calico is used.
There is no color development.

"B" and "C" introduce new concepts and sensations
Choose a completely different fabric to convert.

Among them,
"B" uses two colors of the same fabric,
"C" has three colors,

in one style
A total of 6 items will be developed
Not found in other brands
This is a new style proposal.

Product Background
There was a very strong relationship between Germany and Japan,

Clothing colors and fabrics by category
Not only can it be used interchangeably, but
European materials are sewn in Germany,
The material for the Japan was sewn in Japan,

The country of production of the work is
pointing to the production process
It also features a novel approach.

In Amanojak.
Focusing on experimental pieces that are typical of the brand
Germany and Japan are full of their respective identities
We have selected a lineup that we are particular about.
The brand's archive blog is
Please see below.
It is available at [Sendagi store]-