Online Store Try-on Flights

This online store try-on flight is
After ordering and trying
It is possible to accept returns
It is a delivery method.

Product details, care instructions,
Styling, etc.
[012750 012751]
By phone or email
Please feel free to contact us.
(Items that are not listed on the online store are also
We can accept try-on flights, so
Please feel free to contact us. )

Please be sure to check the following explanation before
[012750 012751]
Thank you.
1. in the selection item of the delivery method at the time of payment.
There is a "try-on flight" , so
Please select this one.

2. The payment method is
Credit Card, Amazon Pay,
Rakuten Pay, Smartphone Payment
Orico Shopping Loan at
Payment only.

After receiving the order
with a letter about the details of the product,
We will ship it.
3. Regarding the designated arrival date of the try-on flight,
Within 3 days of the order date
Please specify
Please be sure to ask for it.
(On the system,
You can also specify more than 3 days,
Another specified date after ordering
It will be shipped after visiting. )

4. The round-trip shipping fee for delivery and return is
We will bear the burden at our shop.
(In the case of delivery to Okinawa Prefecture and remote islands
A separate shipping fee will be charged. )

5. Total 50,000 yen or more including tax
Please place an order.

6. The number of products that can be tried is
Up to 5 points .

7. Sale items are not eligible.

8. In the case of return
Tags are aligned
Pack it in the same condition as when you opened it
Please send us by cash on delivery.

9. After returning,
We will check the condition of the product,
If there were no problems,
We will process the return immediately.

[Points to note when returning]
1. Until the next day after the arrival of the product, , , ,
Whether you buy or return
All of them can be sent by e-mail or phone
Please be sure to contact us .
If you don't hear from us the next day,
We will judge you as a purchase.
We will continue to process payments.
We look forward to using it in the future
We may refuse.

2. In the above
If you contact us to return it,
After the product arrives
Be sure to return the item within 3 days

Thank you.

If the shipping deadline has passed,
We cannot accept returns with and
We will judge the purchase
We will continue to process the payment.

3. After returning the item
We will check the condition of the product.

Stains, tears, and odors adhering to the stains, tears, and odors at that time,
If there is a shortage of accessories,
We will refuse to return it .
Also, in this case,
We will purchase it from the customer .
Shipping costs at the customer's expense
We will send you the product again.