Save the lost fashion lambs!?
Buyer Note
Koyama will deliver today
[012750 012751]
or a chilly day may be revived
[012750 012751]
There were days when I wore it, but
[012750 012751]
There is also a word such as "three colds and four temperatures", but
The change of seasons is not stable ☔️
[012750 012751]
I don't buy futures very often,
I'm a person who wants to wear what I buy right away.
So this is the time of the year
Anyway, I get caught up in a lot of things.
I still want outerwear,
[012750 012751]
It stimulates my desire every day.
What should I wear?
What to buy.
[012750 012751]
[012750 012751]
[012750 012751]
The knitted fabric itself is airy,
Inner wear is also cut and sewn on a shirt
A cardigan that is easy to adjust to some extent is
〈Spring Favorite Tops] 👌
[012750 012751]
[012750 012751]
Cardigan is my favorite item, but
This season in particularMARNI to
Cardigan is a good harvest 😇
I have a star-class cardigan.
[012750 012751]
While interweaving personal belongings
with a wide variety of styling
Please take a closer look
I want you to deepen the spring knit concept 😎
This season's featured collaboration
by Flaminia Veronesi
Lettered cardigan with eye-catching embroidery.
School-like appearance,
It goes well with the pop nuances of MARNI.
Flaminia's chenille patch is also
Somewhere cute
Overall item completeness
[012750 012751]
[012750 012751]
[012750 012751]
Shorts with chunky boots,
Feel like going into mode.
Also a flaminia collab cardigan.
This is a different color NAVY.
rather than navy
No longer royal blue.
Even cuter than the aforementioned white.
Beige and pink ribs are
doing a very good job and
[012750 012751]
[012750 012751]
Matching the silhouette and design
ON 👌
with town styling,
This is now [🫶🏻 012751]
A style that is only possible because of a cardigan.
VNeck multi-border
Mohair cardigan
*Coming soon online
Current designer,
Since becoming Francesco Risso,
Somewhat branded
is becoming a facial fabric
Colorful carde using MOHAIR.
Long-haired mohair is
The texture is still wonderful,
expressive and wonderful.
[012750 012751]
[012750 012751]
It feels good to wear.
*Coming soon online