color / BEACON

[kolor / BEACON (Color Beacon)]

Kolor BEACON (color beacon) is
Designer, Junichi Abe

Japan Leading Domestic Brand
As a new line of Kolor (color) development

Started in 2012
A brand that "evolves" through free clothing making.

Awarded as a magician of different materials,
Mr. Abe's creation,
[012750 012751]
While using patterning as a strength,

Timeless and timeless,
It is attractive that it also has authenticity.

In Amanojak.
Kolor BEACON Seemingly
Focusing on timeless masterpieces,
Combinations and combinations of different materials
We are selecting technical items.

Won the grand prize at the 30th Mainichi Fashion Awards in 2012.

2014SS, Pitti Womo
Main Guest Designer
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