Rick Owens

[Rick Owens]
Designers from California,
Rick Owens takes the name of his self-confidence
A brand founded in 1997,
Rick Owens.

Somewhere glamorous
[012751 012752]

Chic and stoic
Feel the beauty of construction
Depending on the worldview,

Not only mode, but also
In fashion in general
Significant impact
The same brand that has been influencing.

formed a firm worldview
Designer Rick Owens

As a pattern maker for many years
Expert in patterning.

Create your own creations
[012751 012752]

It makes the wearer look beautiful,
of polished patterns
items are featured.

Somewhat familiar
Rick Owens' filter
Created by passing through
Many timeless masterpieces.

In Amanojak.
Somewhere underground
[012751 012752]

Cultivated by designers
as a pattern maker
Due to the deep backbone
From items that feel the beauty of construction,

Masterpieces that will remain in your hands for a long time
Rick Owens fans groan
We purchase every season.
The brand's archive blog is
Please see below.
It is available at [Kitasenju store]-