"Quiet and strong, naïve and sharp."
With the concept of,
Founded in 2016
Japan's knitwear brand,
The brand name is
<wale> is called <node>
A coined word that combines two words.
In knitting terminology, it represents a vertical chain of rings,
Represents a knot in architectural terminology,
With two connotations,
It has been named.
The designer,
Numerous domestic brands
He also directs.
Mr. Takayuki Oshima is in charge.
Becoming a source of cashmere
Ranch management and
Raw material procurement, spinning,
Knitting, washing, etc.
All aspects of the commercialization process
We do it in-house,
We have an outstanding production background
Walenode's knitwear
Exceptional quality.
Above all
A particularly rare part of the yak
The items used are:
Walenode's Identity
It is one,
It boasts exquisite comfort.
In Amanojak.
Despite the universal design
Walenode's Stoic
By manufacturing,
High-quality knitted items
We have a wide range of lineups.
-Walenode items are
Available at the Kitasenju store-