Last time in a silk shirt


Now an immovable popular brand


This brand is firmly popular among young people

This time, it's exactly

"From now on"

Shirts to wear and

Anyone who likes second-hand clothes will pass through

Introducing 🔥 Damaged Denim

Flare fit jeans

ï¿¥46,200-(in tax)


The opposite of the glittering collection

Damaged denim with a large gap in the knee.

Speaking of the first step of damaged denim


Impactful damage with a back and a large gap

The atmosphere is good, and I don't feel too much of the decadent image of old clothes.

Exuding beauty

Denim 🌟 full of MASU's world view

Unlike the thicker 501 damaged denim you often see.

Emphasize the line with a semi-flare

Beautiful silhouette from waist to hem

Because of this silhouette

I guess it neutralizes 👋 bold damage

As for the style

Even in sturdy western boots

Even if you take advantage of the height of the heel with Margiela's tabi

Even in stable sneakers

Fitting this shirt to them

This time, the proposal 🖕

Short sleeve shirt

ï¿¥31,900-(in tax)

Design that can open and close the zip on all sides

Also, if you remove the zip in a straight line horizontally

Changed to a short-length shirt

It's a different kind of clothing

The range of variations works

Sublimates 👍 into a shirt

Even though it is this shirt, it has countless zips

If this design is

Coupled with denim damage

The best style is completed ❗️

MASU's good old-fashioned vintage world view and

The glittering world view is perfectly matched

This collection.

It's more and more intriguing, isn't it? 😁

As for the shirt

Even if you make it short and match it with wide pants

It seems to be a good match! !️

Damaged denim is realistically speaking.

I really like it or hate it

However, now the momentum of dropping a flying bird

If it is this denim proposed by MASU

It also softens the elements that you are not good at a little

In fact, you may find it cool and like it

I think there is.

I'm a flare lover

I've always liked damage.

I'm pushing this denim quite a 👍 bit

This design because it is young

I'm already a good adult, so this damage

It can ❗️ be widely incorporated

And the shirt is also not a print or material

It also changes the shape of the zip in the first place.

Mysterious design

Coming to the fore

Summer season 🌞

Why don't you try to create a new version of yourself that is different from others? ?️

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