I first came to the store.

The reaction of many customers is

This feeling


Customers :



How do you read this?

Hirokawa :

In that spelling

PRASTHANA ( Plastana ) And read.

Customers :

Is it an overseas brand?

Hirokawa :

No, no.

It is a domestic brand.


Domestic brands,

With import brand

Which one is better, but not worse,

Making things full of originality

Because I love clothes.

Whether it is reflected in the import brand

A source of firm belief

By being carefully crafted

For items

That thought is going to take over.

2015 Start in the year,

In this year 8 Getting the Year PRASTHANA .

Real close in city life.

Do not be trapped by features and ready-made concepts

Fusion of design.


Consistent on the real close,

In it

From a clean approach with a straight ball

Somewhere out of touch and dissonance. Make you feel

Don't get stuck in the mold

The collection is fascinating.

Every season, our expectations,

We don't disappoint you.

Suggest a new style.

Actually, with me. PRASTHANA The encounter of

A few years before we started the shop.

I happened to meet at a shop in Shinjuku,

Purchase as led.

What I bought was a cut-saw.

Even now, when it comes to summer,

I'm pulling it out and I'm wearing it.

When we talk about this,

Good luck!

The staff is often told,

Even on your own.

I'm not conscious.

I feel like that.

A little story was derailed,

Let's talk back,

To the collection of this season.

-LC2- Expansion

Field Court



¥ 63,800-(in tax)



¥ 83,600-(in tax)

This is it, PRASTHANA

Yeah, this is it!

Various elements are Gissiri.

In terms of likeness,

Military style is a motif.

It's also on a military basis.

A mods coat on the royal road.

From there

It's a brand-like thing.

The hurdles are quite high. 。 。

On the straight

Because it is an inimical style,

The [ability] of the brand is tested.

I can handle it without difficulty.


The top point is

ZIP running from the waist to the hem.

Not vertically, not behind,

ZIP to run before.

A glittering excellence

Every time you move, you create a bewitching,

For a style with a sense of class.

Just design does not end.

The functionality that comes with it is

The real bone of the brand.

When you open the zip

The gore appears, the hem widens,

In addition to increasing the range of motion,

The way it looks can also change.

W slider.

I'm too attentive and I'll pull a little... lol

Speaking of mod coats, the "hood" is eliminated,

Instead, the

It should be built into the coat.

Move the draw cord to the front,

Easy to use daily with styling

Change the specification.

In modern times

The details you actually use and the

Selecting eye of the detail that is not so is also good!

Not a fishtail,

Square back style,

An armhole that does not dare to squeeze

By adopting Umbrella York

Don't forget to push it up to an urban coat.

What is a special,

Suggested in two types of textiles.


Cotton/polyester glowing light to iridescent

Classy gabardine material.

Many in gabardine material


A choice called NAVY.✊

Sten color coat and trench coat, etc.

For Authentic Items

Often adopted Gabardine material

Dare ON to military style.

It seems to be bad and not bad.

The unconventional textile approach is

If only a brand. 。 。

The texture with firmness and firmness

It brings a three-dimensional feeling to the coat.

"Shadows" born from the three-dimensional sense.

This shade is the coat,

It makes you feel like a built-in thing.

What makes PRASTHANA feel more familiar

Textiles from BLACK.

The three layer material of OLMETEX is

For a matte texture that you can't think of as a synthetic fiber

It combines the goodness of moist skin familiarity.

Between the fabric and the fabric

Pinch the polyurethane film,

By increasing water repellency and moisture permeability

It is an all-weather type that can be handled in any weather. 。 。


Real close in city life

It's just meat material...

Tech Jersey Yoga Pants


¥ 20,900-(in tax)

I'm impressed,

In this textile at the exhibition

Be a saluté,

Excellent skin texture that does not fit into the skin.

Looked to be unstretchable.

At the end of the packing

It's a glossy texture.

Insanely stretched

Generously taken dough

Cardigan, but...

For the outer-like.

Smells that can be used.

With one button

Only patch pockets say

Simple detail work.

Silhouette and detail

And how to put it on.

Textiles are

I just introduced you.

The same material as tech jersey yoga pants.

If you tell us so far,

I have nothing to tell you anymore!

Well, that's good.

This is it,

Light Urban Cardigan

Tech Jersey Yoga Pants with

Even in the setup style

Because you don't want to be campy,

While effortless

When you want to show your style,

Choose this setup in seconds.

The style is complete.


Three-breath jacket


¥ 50,600-(in tax)

Best, but not best.

Jacket without sleeves.

That is, sleeveless.

Well, in short,

Jacket Silhouette Vest


The arm around is not relaxed,

Just a sense of size.



Spread over the hem A The line.

Half coat length ( About 90cm) Make it in.

A common vest is

While there are many boxy silhouettes to drop vertically,

Thrust through its own line. 。 。

With a gutsy slit.

Collateral functionality.

No color style without lapel

Clear and summary,

V The zone is narrow,

Button position is set to high,

Be thorough to style up.

。 。