In Amanojak.

As the business expands,

Working together Female staff We are looking for them.

-Yeah. Position -Yeah.

· Sales staff

. .. Customer service sales, promotion using SNS,

For product management, content production, etc.

General operations of store operations

* Women's buying in the future

I'll be involved.

Employment Form

A full-time employee (with a trial period of 3 months)

Entries Qualification

(We are looking for all the following. )

Experience/Under 30 welcome/

If you can speak English, Chinese/

Preferential treatment for those who have experience in selling high-cost products

* This time, only female staff will be recruited.

Worldview of Amanojak.

Those who can sympathize with business views

Start of Work Date


Work Hours





Monthly salary system provided by the Company

Monthly salary of 210,000 yen ~

(Competency experience taken into account and decided)


Transportation fees (capped)

Uniform payment system (capped)

Company sales system

Various social insurance pension schemes

Paid leave (around 10 days)

Annual holiday days/Around 120 days

(Summer holidays/New Year holidays are available)

Medical Examination

Office of Work

Sendagi and Kitasenju stores

New store scheduled to open (in Tokyo)

How to apply

(1) Resume with photo

Career Certificate

Style 2 full body photos

-Instagram account

The above four points are attached,

Please send us by email.

Send To

Only those who wish to interview after document review

Thank you for your understanding.

Please contact us.