Like a raging wave

Every day flies by

While I'm doing it,

The temperature was 30 degrees Celsius.🌞

It's time for a full-fledged

Will T-shirts be mandatory?

No, I still waited

At this time, it's already

The game is over.

Then, when I thought about what to wear,

It was



Sleeveless Hinge Hoodie 

¥68,200-(in tax)


Coming online soon! !️

There are no sleeves.

This boldly cut sleeveless process

Personally, the most important point is

The armholes are wide and open...

This is 👍 it

There was a time when I used to buy second-hand clothes

Only the hole part is cut

It is 🧨 a memory that I very dislike when my shoulders are squeaky

However, this JW has been able to clear it without any problems.

Above all, the faded color of the body is also very good 🌟

You don't have to be weirdly battered.

The color is dark and it looks like new.

While I feel that there is no atmosphere and it is not good,

I lay down on the concrete and did the laundry many times

I was 👍 fascinated by this atmosphere


What is the actual best way to wear it?

First of all, put out your arm as it is

Being a sleeveless

Let's 🫵 insist and do it

There may be people who can wear this and people who can't.

There is this way to wear this design

So I would like to recommend it the most! !️

It's not just direct to bare skin,

Even in a tank top, wear a similar cut-and-sew underneath

If you can 👌 match it

Even if you're not muscular

It's okay to be gritty

Even if the skin is dark and unhealthy

It can ❗️ be white

Continuing on

Inner cardigan

Layered ✋ styles

TOGA's cardigan

The sleeves are mesh, so you don't feel the heat.

Rather, this way of matching is fresh ✌️

There is also a color, so it gives a naughty feeling.

Try wearing pants to change the impression and wear 🤚 them according to the mood of the day

And the last

Layer it on a T-shirt and put a vest on top of it ❗️

I'm making it sportier with sideline pants.

By making the vest bag a leather type

While showing a tight impression

It is 😁 a coordination that is excellent in terms of functionality

The hoodie is also neutralized ❗️ not to be outdone by the vest without hiding too much

You can assemble it in many ways just because there are no sleeves


Like the kids in America again

It's 🛹 like showing a yuru groove

After that, you can make it even more tattered、、、

I don't have a photo, but it's a check shirt

This hoodie is also skater-like

It's 👍👍 cool

It's not something that's going to be trendy.

If you like or are interested, please join me

Let's 😎 coordinate with various styles



This season, I used hinges and other things

While there are also industrial elements

Focusing on street casual

Arrangements that make Jonathan's design work stand out, etc.

After all, it is an interesting collection! !️

Especially though I was bitten by this hoodie

The catchy and ridiculous outfits were exciting 💣

There are still T-shirts that you can wear in the future.

Although it is expanded,

This standing stone pushes

Sleeveless Hinge Hoodie

Please come and see it 🤚


We also accept inquiries by DM.

Please feel free to contact 👍 us.

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