I'll have Yuji today.


Summer Linen Setup

Also set up to be worn rough

You can still have one.


Shirt jacket

¥ 69,300-(in tax)



Wide tapered pants

¥ 53,900-(in tax)


This time is simple setup

After all, how to attract good materials best

It's a set.☝️

From the production background again this time

Make things properly

It's very good quality and you can keep wearing it comfortably for a long time.

It's finished in clothes.

Click here for details of hanging dyeing They They They

Experience the dyeing of tradition ~ ATON ~ - Amanojak.

Some kind of chilly days.

After all, long sleeves are still essential

It doesn't look too hot in that.

Shirt or jacket to be worn lightly and exhilaratingly

No, you need a shirt jacket.

ATON is relatively oversized

It doesn't stick.

Because the grounding surface of the skin is also low

Very comfortable

Because of the linen material

You don't have to be polite.

Of course it's convenient to carry❗️

The more you wear it, the more you wear it.

It'll make you feel better.

More than stress to wear

It is very good in terms of hygiene of mind not to care about the stress of handling

And yet.

Look clean.

There is also an adult atmosphere

It is excellent for wearing with a feeling that does not lose too much power

Pants are also reasonably tapered.

Waist, waft and non-stress are comfortable

I can see it once I put it on

This is more addictive.

I'm sweating in the summer.

Some people don't like sticking around.

The silhouette of this pants, the material eliminates everything❗️

Because both breathability and quick drying have the unique effect of the material

There's no reason not to push these pants.

The reason for the setup is practical.

There's a lot of versatility to dress.☀️

As a super basic

Even among Japanese brands


When you put it inside Amanojak.

To be honest, you tend to hide.

Once again good quality, etc.

I'm glad you can actually feel it through your sleeves.


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I'm waiting for you at Sendagi.❗️

(Staff YUJI)