calmanthology カルマンソロジー 23ss

CALM and
ANTHOLOGY (A Collection of Poems)
Born from the coinage of the word
Modern ready-to-wear shoe brand.

Based on the concept of "tradition and evolution",
Adding essence to what we learned from our predecessors,
Japan Wearing a sense of balance unique to humans
A brand that proposes a standard.

The designer,
In a certain famous women's shoe brand
Makoto Kaneko, who has experience in design.

I want to make the best ready-made shoes in Japan
The brand was born from Mr. Kaneko's strong passion,
Material, last (wooden pattern), sewing, design, etc.

Packed with attention to everything related to shoes,
The Ultimate Contemporary Shoe
We are producing.

The world's highest ranking leather.

Adapts to the owner's foot mold,
Wooden mold with a unique twist.

Boasting the world's highest number of fortunes
Delicate stitchwork.

Like women's dress shoes
[012750 012751]
Streamlined and beautiful form.

Mr. Kaneko, the designer
It took 6 years to conceive,
Even in areas that we would not normally think about,
Meticulously meticulous
One of the best men's shoes in the world.

It cannot be a ready-made shoe
Please enjoy the outstanding quality.

In Amanojak.
Graceful and beautiful feminist design
Sewing, materials, and manufacturing methods,
[012750 012751]
We mainly select items.

The brand's archive blog is
Please see below.
It is available at [Sendagi store]-