garden of eden ガーデンオブエデン 23ss

Garden of Eden

"Warm the old and know the new"
Put the words of the long-cherished,
No season theme,

A universal, delicate all-handmade
Jewelry collection
We continue to produce,
"Garden of Eden"

Designer and Craftsman in 2003
Founded by Mr. Tatsuki Maeda.

The features of the Garden of Eden
Mr. Ryūki Maeda cultivated in New York,

From vintage such as architecture, ethnicity, art, etc.
While it is a new design,

“Modern vintage”
Under the concept of
They'll keep you patronized in 100 years.
It is finished in the work.

Rings and bracelets and
Of course, items such as necklaces,

Such as the Apple Watch band,
You can feel it now in practical terms.
It has become a lineup.

In Amanojak.
While being fresh
Good at modern design
The strength of the brand
You can feel stronger,

In Ageless
Gender Fluid Items
Because it is abundantly available,
Please enjoy it.

The archive blog of this brand is
Please see more than below.
-Garden of Eden items
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