Hender Scheme

henderscheme エンダースキーマ 22ws

[Hender Scheme]
Leather brand born in Asakusa
Hender Scheme.

Designer, in 2010,
At the young age of 25,
Leather shoe brands,
Ryo Kashiwazaki launched Hender Scheme.

Tasteful aging and
Centered on nume leather, which is attractive for its robust construction
It is characterized by the materials that are particular about it.

Inventive product design is eye-catching
It is a leather brand that represents Japan.

is a brand name,
Hender Scheme
A term used to describe social gender differences,
Comes from Gender Scheme,

Beyond gender differences,
I want to make things genderless
From Mr. Kashiwazaki's thoughts

One step ahead of the letter G,
H in the initial letter
"Hender Scheme" to
It is a brand name.

In Amanojak.
Hender Scheme Improbable,
Focusing on one-of-a-kind leather products
We are purchasing.
The brand's archive blog is
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