mad et len マドエレン 22aw

[MAD et LEN]

A secluded mountain village in the south of France,
Made in Saint-Julien
Artisan fragrance brands,
"MAD et LEN".

[012750 012751]
[012750 012751]
It is an old-fashioned method of soaking in by hand,

Like apocasaries (pharmacies),
After receiving the order, it is done manually one by one
is a special fragrance brand to be manufactured.

The material used for fragrance is
All natural fragrances are used,
As for preservatives, sticks to natural materials.

With manual work and carefully selected materials,
Condensed vast nature
It realizes a scent that exudes royalty.

Used in the container of the product
Iron (iron) is also made by Moroccan craftsmen
By hand using traditional methods
and .

Created with the concept of "imperfect beauty"
The aging of the iron vessel is also one of the charms.

Rust due to subtle distortion and aging,
Please enjoy the unevenness of the color as part of the design.

In Amanojak.
Brand-like, conceptual
[012750 012751]
Room diffuser,
We are developing mainly eau de parfum.

-MAD et LEN items
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