marni マルニ 23ss


in 1994
Founded by Consuelo Castiglioni
Italian fashion brand.

It was a lineup of fur and leather goods, but
Since 1999,
Participated in the collection as a total brand.

With the retirement of Consuelo Castiglioni,
Francesco Risso, who was in charge of Prada
Currently serves as designer.

[012750 012751]
Imaginative design
Ingenious prints and coloring,
large, soft sizing and silhouette,

On the other hand,
Constructive, solid,
Clothing making packed with delicate techniques is

"Romantic and energetic"
Embodies adult pop and cute
It creates a unique view of the world.

Somewhere warm
Creations full of identity
Men and women of all ages
Fashionistas from all over the world
It continues to fascinate.

The use of materials is also luxurious
Sticking to fabrics native to Italy
[012750 012751]
Targeting material updates
Fabric development and existing fabrics
We are also focusing on improvements.

In Amanojak.
MARNI's characteristic constructive mood and
Crossing the border between mode and casual
Focusing on the brand's typical approach,
The archive blog of this brand is
Please see more than below.
Men's items are [Kitasenju store]
Women's items are available at [Sendagi store]