max mara tha cube マックスマーラ ザキューブ 23ss

by Achille Malamotti
Founded in 1951,
Italian brands,
at the time, in an innovative factory
Started producing clothes,
Elegance and graceful
While making full use of tailoring techniques
[012750 012751]
Luxury ready-to-wear
Produces a lot,
Expanding the possibilities of fashion,
has attracted many women.
Especially so much so that she is called the "Queen of the Court"
The coat has become synonymous with the brand,
It continues to be loved by many women.
and now
Reduced items from MAX MARA
New collection line,
CAMELUXE is announced from "The Cube".
Luxuriously used camel hair for batting,
Elegant, yet
A number of items with excellent functional beauty.
The initiative has been highly praised around the world,
It has been noted as an innovative project.
[012750 012751]
MAX MARA is only available in the women's collection
I haven't made it until now, but
This collection is
It is a unisex collection,
Can be worn by both men and women.
In Amanojak.
Luxury brand
Participated in a new project,
We are exploring the possibilities of fashion.
Attention will also be paid to future initiatives,
We would like to deliver it to everyone.
[Notice about the online store]
MAX MARA is based on the brand's intentions.
I can't sell online.

Therefore, all inventory on the online store is
”SOLD OUT”It is in the state of
Products are available.
Details about the purchase and
As for the availability of stock,
Please check the inside of the product page.
-MAX MARA items
It is available at [Sendagi store]. -