SENZ センズ

Senz °
The oldest Technical University in the Netherlands,
National Delft University of Technology
Produced by student engineers
The ultimate "near future umbrella" that will never break,
Senz ° (Sens).

With unique aerodynamics
By patent structure,
The umbrella itself is easy to parry the wind
Looking for a position,

Strong winds of 100km
By calculating and escaping the wind flow,
Don't go against it, it won't break
Asymmetry structure.

3 years of development,
-I think it's broken.
Umbrella One that changed the concept.

Even if it is broken,
It also comes complete with a two-year free repair warranty,

In recent years,
As a sustainable-conscious effort
It is also highly rated from all over the world.

Also, the only form is
Protect yourself from rain, wind and sunshine
It is finished in the most excellent form,

Not to mention the functional beauty,
From the height of its design
Wins design awards for countries around the world.

In Amanojak.
"Umbrella" of everyday necessities
As a game changer
We propose Senz ° to everyone.

[Winning Design Award]
· Good Design Award
· Red dot design award
· Product design award etc ..

-Senz ° (Sens.)
We handle it at [Kitasenju store] [Sendagi store]. -

【senz】 マニュアル
¥8,778 JPY
【senz】 マニュアル
(折り畳み傘) PURE BLACK
¥8,778 JPY
【senz】 マニュアル
(折り畳み傘) SILK GRAY
¥8,778 JPY