Motif MFG

motiv mfg モチーフエムエフジー 23ss

[Motiv MFG (Mochiv MFG)]

Motiv mfg (Motiv Emfzy)
In 2016,
To China's Heritage Market
Have been involved for many years,
Samuel Wei and

Born in Vienna and raised in Taiwan
"Tailor Specialist" and
Is a "pattern collector",
Daniel Gu
Chinese brand founded by both names.

Tailoring and workwear
Of traditional wear
Through constant research of manufacturing technology,

"While rooted in tradition
Creating clothes made for the future"
The concept of making things is carried out.

Not just a "duplicate"
As a "recreation",
Clothing that interacts with the body of a modern wearer
Aim to make

By our own small production team,
A talented craftsman and equipment.
Uniquely combined,
Not easily achieved in a large industrial environment,

Tailor-made anatomical shape and
Learn more about industrial sewing.
The up-and-coming Asian Artizan brand, which suggests a combined garment.

It is the first landing brand in Japan from autumn/winter 2022.

In Amanojak.
Showing the quintessence of the remarkable Made in china
Made up with high technology
In addition to developing the manufacturing only in Motiv,
While being authentic,
We select clothes that feel new.
The brand's archive blog is
Please see below.
-Motiv MFG items are
We handle it at [Kitasenju store]-