I want to be a person who can say good things properly.
Not to say it because it is mortifying, but that what was cool was good.

BY Namie Amuro


It's Amuro Kyasarin.

My opening quote is

My longing, my favorite people

I am based on the remarks I made.

It's a good word ~♪

For example,

Oh, no, no, no, no, no.

If it suddenly becomes fashionable,

My friends don't say anything,

It's used for laughter.

"Something, you look like Elton John!"

And so on. (Laughs)

That's what it is.

You suddenly became more fashionable than yourself.

It seems to be frustrating.

Amuro-chan says,

Something cool.

An adult who can't say "cool"

It's surprisingly many.

Not even with clothes.

Even if he's the enemy, whatever.

People doing cool things

He was shown something cool.

I feel like "I was done!"

It's really important.

What is a wonderful adult?

I feel like it.

Much more than you're ska

Makes it cool.

So today.

From such a nice person like Amuro-chan

Clothes like you can say, "It's cool!"

I want to introduce you!

At the exhibition,

"Oh, this is an absolute setup. 」

I thought so ~.

She's a woman.

What a denim setup?

Don't you wear it too much?

A strong sense of work?

I can wear plain clothes.

For a special chance,

What a denim setup?

Isn't there so many pitching opportunities?

But put on a set of denim,

Well, if it's cool now,

How about denim,

It doesn't matter (laughs)

I saw it.

There was a feeling of loss.

Everyone is far away.

Denim that turns around!

I often go to Japanese confectionery shops

"It sounds so lovely!"


This is...

The shirt is still in the online store

Because it's not put on

If you want, from Insta DM

I'm glad you can contact me!

Click here for inquiries
Because it produces
Don't be too mannish
She makes a good woman.

Square-cut denim shirt
Size: 36
¥ 63,800-(taxin)

Tromple Ile Denim Skirt
Size: 38
¥ 52,800-(taxin)

Each of them became one point.

Cut the dough into squares

So that you can get a sense of natural collar loss

It is characterized by a silhouette made up.

I pulled it out today from the neck.

It was a second skin peeking operation.

It's like a scarf.

It's convenient.

Oh, my God.

Too much pop is also cute

Is it real?



Then, Bullet!

(Staff: Kyasarin)