"In the skin of a man, knowledge. Concept
Comprehensive beauty clinic specializing in men to develop 19 hospitals nationwide
'Gorilla Clinic' to Unfold
Doctor's cosmetics for male skin
GORILLA COSMETICS (Gorilla Cosmetics)

It was parsed from a number of medical records in the clinic.
Based on the data of beauty skin knowledge and metagenome of the flora,
"Skin Flora Synergy Ingredients"

By this,
Supports the action of improving the skin-resident bacterial balance,
In addition to moisturizing,
Plus one beauty is realized.

"Beneficial to men in the true sense of the word
I want to make basic cosmetics."
Research and development, realized
Goods for men.

 I 've solved the skin trouble of men.
Proven "Gorilla Clinic" proposes
Doctor's Cosmetics
By all means, please feel yourself.

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