Pop-up store
Appears only in events,
has a cult following
Domestic brand of 神出鬼没

[012750 012751]
Newly launched by Hideki Miyagi
Flannel shirt brand
RAFU (rough)
Mr. Miyagi wears a flannel shirt
The starting point is that I have loved so much,
The brand starts.
Numerous checks
Using bandanas, denim, etc.
I've been working on clothing,
Designer Miyagi's unique
You can do it because you have a nice sense,
Although universal
It has become a daily wear for adults.
In Amanojak.
By Mr. Miyagi's love of flannel shirts
Carefully selected items
We have a lineup.
The brand's archive blog is
Please see below.
- RAFU items are
It is available at [Sendagi store]-