With the brand being developed in Amanojak.
One of the brands that you can't take your eyes off of,

Although it is not yet that well known in Japan
Later, its presence was
Brands that will increaseFirst 🔥

Female designers from China
Based in ✨ London

She releases every season
Unique items are exciting.

Trad, Works, Military, Sports.

The core of men's closings4 elements.

It may be extreme, but
In men's clothing
Even if you say that it is OK as long as you keep these in check
Not an exaggerationImportant factors 💡

Because she has a deep knowledge of each element
She creates one, two,
Even if it is a more twisted and well-designed item,

Because the base design source is solid
It's more wearable than it looks. 。 。

And, then,
22AW From the season
Women's line also started

More than ever
Gear up and take it to new heights!

Traveling around the world
continues to evolve every season Feng Chen Wang.

23SS season also has a nice lineup
All the items I want to recommend 😎

, I would like to say,
Since there are many items, the item to focus on is
Let me squeeze [🙏🏻 012756]

Cutting, textile switching, etc.
There are many designs that represent the brand.

However, this time,
Fresh in the brand
Focus on damage items.

Surprisingly, I didn't see in recent seasons
Damaged items include
It's packed with charm that will attract you!

This sweatshirt is

I also bought it personally!

I'm in pretty good shape,
I wear it 2~3 times a week!!

During the eighteenth textile switch,
Damage processing that is not too much is effective.

This damage is good.
It's okay...

It's not too pretentious, and it's smooth.

Do not interfere with outerwear
Because it is an exquisite silhouette

It's a sweatshirt that makes you reach for it. 。 。

As a brand
indispensable piece,

Like sweatshirts
Switching between sweatshirt material and [] nylon material
Sublimated to an urban style.

Damage is also natural.
(This is important!! )

Also set up style with a sweatshirt
It's 🔥 outstandingly cool

【Feng Chen Wang】
Distressed knit
¥63,800-(in tax)

Symbolizing the brand
2 in 1 style.

This knit to
Moderate damage processing
, but is not easy. 。 。

If you really look for it
It's hard to find this taste. 。 。

, if at all

Most of the knits have been damaged.

Soft WOOL textiles,
Gentle to the touch
A level that can be worn comfortably even on bare skin realistically.

Not just design
The level of textiles is also
It is also evolving. 。 。

Damaged knits that can be worn by adults,
Ali here!!

Ongoing and evolving,
Continuing to embody a unique worldview that no one else can find anywhere else
Feng Chen Wang
Give it a try!