and yellow

and yellow アンドイエロー

[and yellow]
08sircus, Kiminori Morishita,
Designer Masanori Morishita in 2020
Newly established denim brand,
"and yellow".

Globally acclaimed,
Developed in the collection,

Overseas contests
He also won the Grand Prix.
Amazing textiles,
"CHAIN DENIM" is adopted.

to the weft of denim tissue,
interlaced with metal chains,

The world's first groundbreaking
Denim fabric
This is the ultimate denim collection.

Using 15 chains,
Weaving them by hand, one by one,
with a beautiful dull glow
Borderline iconic piece.

An enduring core closing
Rethinking denim,
Never found in denim products before
To unlock the potential of new denim
It is a special product that was produced.

Denim, a natural material, and
Metal, a fabric in which metallic substances are interwoven, is
Very contrasting textures have been created,
to denim as evergreen,
Giving new value,
A new classic denim is presented here.

In Amanojak.
Continuing to follow Masanori Morishita's new endeavors,
The "next stage of denim" that can be used in the world
With a lineup that you can experience firsthand

-and yellow items
It is available at [Sendagi store]-
【and yellow】
-チェーンデニム- クラッシュ&ペイント SLIM
¥63,800 JPY
【and yellow】
-チェーンデニム- パンツ
¥42,900 JPY
【and yellow】
-チェーンデニム- パンツ
¥42,900 JPY
【and yellow】
"チェーンデニム" ブルゾン -A-
¥63,800 JPY