Bundle this historic [Milok]
[012750 012751]
21AW season started with great anticipation
Brand with a new concept
"Clothes that visualize the goodness that is there"
[012750 012751]
Pursue the greatest common divisor.
And then,
in traditional clothing
Interpretation of essential manufacturing
Rethinking and restructuring,
[012750 012751]
[012750 012751]
Proposed as an item.
In the midst of this historic corona disaster,
Designer Furuguchi himself, society,
And re-examined fashion
In a different form from [Milok]
"The Essence of Fashion"
I want to deliver it to consumers
[012750 012751]
It is a new brand.
The features of EULLA are
[012750 012751]
is strongly projected,
Meticulously, without compromise
It has been well-established for a long time, but
Country of origin, fabric shop, factory,
Weaving, knitting, etc.
We have carefully selected them in a more stoic manner.
[012750 012751]
Patterns and sewing are also
More precise finishing,
Especially in the tailor category, etc.
Produced using the top sewing factory in Japan.
[012750 012751]
[012750 012751]
more modern,
High fashion mood
We are updating it.
In Amanojak.
[Milok] had proposed
Further mood of the collection
Brushed up,
We have a lineup in the center.
- EULLA items
It is available at [Sendagi store]-

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