Also this season

After all, it attracts a lot of attention


This brand is firmly popular among young people

This time, it's exactly


Here are the 🔥 shirts you should wear

This season, M.J was the main show of MASU

Adorned with gorgeous outfits and glittering sequins

Bold collections are fresh in memory

In the meantime

Vintage-like specifications that give you a glimpse of the uniqueness

It is 👍 recommended as one of the hooks when choosing MASU


Zip Up

Galaxy Silk Shirt

ï¿¥52,800-(in tax)

Silk shirts that are not good at this time of year

And because you can't drive into silk

Studded Prints 👆

As soon as it is heavy and lacks impact

By making it a print

It is 🌟 sublimated into a glittering silk shirt with a mood

In addition, threads are added to the edges to give a stronger impression of vintage.

And the collar is in the shape seen in old silk blousons.

Due to the weight of the zip

The drape feeling when you open it also comes out more

One way to wear this shirt is to 😎 make it beautiful and shiny

Also, this is my personal impression.

The prints are also somewhat old-fashioned

Feeling nostalgic is also a high 💥 point

Although it is a new brand that is turning the tide

What is the origin of the designer and the main collection?

This silk shirt 🌝 can be felt from a different perspective

It's not just comfortable to wear.

From the material, the print

Also, how to put the print

Even the size of the pocket

If you look closely at the details

You can feel the interest of the clothes more.

It's trendy or designing.

Although there are criteria for choosing

Good old fashioned

Please wear the reference elements and feel them 👍


I'm still looking forward to the 😁 future

We look forward to seeing you all at Kitasenju!


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